How Does Magnificent Cream Boost Your Magnesium Levels?

How Does Magnificent Cream Boost Your Magnesium Levels

Boosting magnesium levels with cream How Does Magnificent Cream Boost Your Magnesium Levels Ever feel like you’re just not on your game? Maybe it’s your muscles throwing tantrums; you sleep more restless than a cat in a room full of rocking chairs or stress levels that could rival a Wall Street trader on a bad day. […]

Boost Your Energy Naturally

The Magic of Magnesium-Rich Foods

The Magic of Magnesium-Rich Foods Are you feeling drained and struggling to keep up with the demands of daily life? It might be time to tap into a natural energy source that’s been hiding in plain sight: magnesium-rich foods. Let’s explore the secrets of these powerhouse foods and how they can give you the energy […]

How Magnesium Stops Muscle Spasms in Their Tracks

How Magnesium Stops Muscle Spasms

Say Farewell to Pain How Magnesium Stops Muscle Spasms in Their Tracks Have you ever had a muscle spasm sneak up on you like an unwelcome surprise? You’re not alone. Those sudden, involuntary contractions can instantly turn a good day sour, leaving you wondering when the next ambush will strike. But fear not, because today, […]

Magnesium & Muscle Spasms

Magnesium & Muscle Spasms

Ten years and counting after my back surgery, I still find that the main thing that helps my back pain is our magnesium cream. Early on in my recovery, I realized that my discomfort after surgery had much more to do with back spasms than with other pain. Most of my reading about magnesium as […]

Magnesium & Cyclists

Magnesium & Cyclists

Every day we expend energy. Walking, lifting, and changing positions all require energy. Now riding a bicycle, that’s pure energy output. Especially racing or riding cross country. So training helps increase endurance.  But to be able to train right or simply enjoy the ride, endogenous energy is required.  How to get that?  Nutrition. So trite, […]

Magnesium for chronic pain: a condensed review

Magnesium The Essential Forgotten Mineral

My interest in magnesium stems from looking for alternative relief after my back surgery in 2012. Magnesium is known to be a muscle relaxant and much of my discomfort with secondary to muscle spasms. My training is it is as an anesthesiologist and critical care physician. Magnesium levels are often measured in assessing electrolyte values. […]

The Dreaded Muscle Spasm or Cramp

Magx12 Muscle Cramps

     Athletes and weekend warriors are not the only ones that get muscle spasms and cramps. Ask anyone in these professions: Roofers, plumbers, contractors, warehouse workers, delivery drivers, etc. Pulling your back out, just plain overuse, or that dreaded thing – “getting older” happens to everyone.      Nine years and counting after my […]

Anxiety Treatments

Anxiety Treatments – Be Your Own Advocate! By:  Dr. Jill Krasner               2020, the year of the Pandemic wreaked havoc on most people, young and old!  Those who already had anxiety saw it increase to levels not seen before and those who never experienced anxiety slowly started to develop […]

Migraines, Women & Magnesium

Magx12 - Migraines & Women

Migraines, Women & Magnesium Thoughts by: Dr. Jill Krasner Migraine is a neurological disease. It’s typically a severe throbbing recurring pain on one side or the other of the head.             Women are two to three times more likely than men to have migraines.             Magnesium – A 2020 study found that half of all […]

10 Benefits of Magnesium

Magnesium - Magx12

Modern day farming methods have depleted foods that were once a natural source of Magnesium. Supplementation of this vital nutrient is important for hundreds of bodily functions. Listed below are the top 10 benefits (in no particular order) of using a Magnesium supplement.