Magnesium & Cyclists

Every day we expend energy. Walking, lifting, and changing positions all require energy.

Now riding a bicycle, that’s pure energy output. Especially racing or riding cross country. So training helps increase endurance.  But to be able to train right or simply enjoy the ride, endogenous energy is required. 

How to get that?  Nutrition. So trite, yes?  No. Because there are certain things that feed into the body’s processing of creating energy that it is worth stepping back and looking at a few things.

Cellular respiration. Fancy term.   It’s how your body makes energy.  Remember that phrase. Vitamins and minerals are needed for the multiple steps that go into creating energy. One mineral stands out in particular; Magnesium. It is key in the production of energy.  But more importantly, key in helping maintain energy levels.  Because that ATP energy molecule binds preferentially to magnesium. Low magnesium levels mean that energy molecule becomes INACTIVE, and fatigue worsens as the magnesium levels drop. 

Not only does a good cycling workout leave you tired, but it also leaves you sore. So, the magnesium cream we have will help alleviate muscle spasms. Our warming and cooling creams are analgesics and help decrease pain as well.

So for the avid cyclist, the magnesium cream can be applied, even during a cycling run, to limit muscle spasms that can arise while pedaling. But that cream, along with the warming and cooling creams, can help relieve aches and pains after the ride.


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