Our magnesium products were born out of both a necessity AND a desire to manage pain without relying on prescription medicine.

Our Story

                                               As a physician who has dealt with the catastrophic effects of a medication overdose, and as a patient dealing with the aftermath of back surgery, managing my pain after my surgery became a growing issue. Unable to use sedating medications while working, I had to find alternatives during the day such as back braces and a TENS unit to endure the pain during the day. Some days were tolerable and others were misery.

Reaching a plateau, unable to fully wean off prescription medications I racked my brain for alternatives. Magnesium crossed my mind, knowing Epsom salts is relaxing. I started with magnesium oxide and had some success in decreasing the prescription pain meds. But the laxative effect of this form limited how much I could take and benefit from this form. I then found out about other forms of magnesium that were better absorbed and had MUCH less of the undesired effect. Then a friend gave me magnesium butter to apply topically. Soon, I was OFF ALL PRESCRIPTION medication using the combination of the new oral form and the cream. I was thrilled! And, no more back brace, either. I still have good days and bad days, but the improvement is real for me.

The original butter was good but thick and difficult to apply. A good friend was making facial creams, and we started talking. Could we make something smoother, more user-friendly? Through much trial and error and alteration, using only NATURAL ingredients, YES, we could and did! And here we are.

Through all of this, however, my curiosity was piqued. What was I missing? What was so unique about this mineral? Such a tremendous impact, so little taught about this specific entity compared to other minerals. What I have learned is that too little magnesium in the body leads to a tremendous imbalance in many systems. Replenishing magnesium helps to restore order and balance throughout our bodies.

Magnesium affects HUNDREDS of processes in the body. When adequately present, magnesium helps maintain a healthy body. When deficient, various systems in the body begin to be affected and unfortunately the symptoms are non-specific.

Our website not only provides you with access to this amazing product, but we are also offering further reading about this amazing nutrient and how it can help you to maintain your healthy body.

Enjoy exploring the site and this topic.

LJKrasner, MD